The Giallo Radio Story

The discovery of soundtracks

My story..

This web site comes about from my love of soundtracks. Lawrence Of ArabiaI have been a fan since I heard my first soundtrack: Lawrence Of Arabia by Maurice Jarre. My father had a small LP collection of soundtracks. Hatari, Doctor Zhivago, and West Side Story. I loved this music. I could relive the movie without having to watch it.

The first soundtrack I ever purchased was Patton by Jerry Goldsmith. PattonI was ten years old my father took me to see Patton. I remember it was a big deal because it was rated "M" for Mature Audience. When I heard the opening trumpet fanfare, I knew I had to have this soundtrack. It has been one of my top ten soundtracks since 1970. Jerry Goldsmith also wrote the score for what I consider an American Giallo directed by Paul Verhoven: Basic Instinct. It too is on my list of top ten soundtracks.

My favorite genre has always been horror. I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area during the 70s and watched a show called Creature Features every Saturday night. It was hosted by Bob Wilkins and followed by John Stanley when he left. Each week I would watch the films and wonder if the music I heard was available as a soundtrack. The Hammer Dracula films, scored by James Bernard, always stood apart from the rest.

In the 80s I started hearing about Italian horror films directed by people like Dario Argento and Lucio Fulci. Who were these guys? Why couldn't I find their films in my local video store?

SuspiriaI can remember the first time I saw the Suspira soundtrack. I was browsing the soundtracks in Rasputin Music and stumbled across this very expensive CD by Goblin. It was on an Italian import label called CIAK/Cinevox. The cover intrigued me and I wondered what this film was about. Once I put that CD into my player I became a GoblinZombi/Tenebre fan and a fan of the music, to what I would learn, called Giallo. It was a year or two later when I finally saw Suspira. I was able to see and hear how the music worked within the film.

My next Goblin score was Zombi/Tenebre. I was familiar with Zombi (aka Day of the Dead), but had never heard of Tenebre (aka Unsane). Profondo Rosso A year or so later I purchased Profondo Rosso (aka Deep Red). I had read that it was an Exorcist rip off. It didn't matter, I thought it was awesome. It was probably seven years before I saw the films of Profondo Rosso and Tenebre, I was so familiar with the music that I felt I knew the films without ever seeing them.

Blood & Black Lace: The Definitive Guide To Italian Sex And Horror Movies by Adrian Luther Smith

Where the idea for Giallo Radio came from..

Over the years I searched for Giallo films and music. I was more successful finding the music, but the films seemed to be harder to find in a video format I could play. I owned a laser disc player and of course a DVD player. I would find that many of these films were available in Europe or Japan. The Japanese DVD's were in a format I could play (NTSC) but if they were regionally encoded I could not play them. The European DVD's were in a format we could not play (PAL). Even if they were "Region Free". It was at this point I purchased an all region, all format player. I could now play any standard format DVD!

Spaghetti NightmaresI now needed a definitive book on the Giallo genre. The first book I purchased was called Spaghetti Nightmares by Luca M. Palmerini & Gaetano Mistretta. It was OK, but it did not give me the information I was looking for.

I started to read about a book that was commanding a very high price on eBay called Blood & Black Lace Blood & Black Lace from The Dark Side. It, from all accounts, was the book I was searching for. After many failed attempts to win it at a reasonable price, I was lucky enough to win a copy. Unfortunately, the binding was beyond fragile and within an extremely short period the book fell apart. It was OK, I had the information I was looking for.

Some of the information regarding soundtracks and videos was outdated but I had my starting point for finding, listening and watching the genre I enjoy so much.

Thanks to Anchor Bay and Blue Underground we (in the USA) have access to some really good titles. I also want to make a special thanks to Xploited Cinema, for stocking so many of the imported DVD's! Your service and prices have always the best, thanks Tony!

All the pieces come together..

Here we are May 2008. I can now put together the place I envisioned. A place where visitors can see if a particular Giallo is available on DVD or if there is a soundtrack. As a bonus, you'll be able to hear some of the music even if you haven't seen the film. I realize it will take some time to put this web site together. I have the information and the music, now I just need to publish it to the web. Welcome to Giallo Radio.